Monday, 27 June 2011

eduMOOC online learning today

I am looking at this PD as an opportunity to further my knowledge and understanding around this topic.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

usability notes

I realise this a site for cs for girls, but for my notes there seems to be some good ideas around usability design

Some real good images of bad designs, as well as what makes good design elements


great post in csta voice volume 4 issue 1 Volume 4 issue 1 page 3 and 4
When allowed authority to control their own group experience, students gain important experience in negotiation, delegation, and conflict management.

Junior Technology Ideas

Since starting at a new school, I thought I would start to reconsider the junior Technology Curriculum, one thing that I need to do is to re look at level 4 and 5 of the technology curriculum, I look forward to a meeting this wednesday around how my new school covers these areas.

I have a number of ideas that I have been looking at through the csta voice publications,
one so far is the look at Digital Privacy, through Cybercivics

Also something to look at is eVoting

For more information on this pilot see
CyberCivics was developed as a Computer Science outreach program, designed to introduce diverse groups of talented high school students to hands-on activities that reflect the myriad ways in which computing technologies directly impact their everyday lives. The materials provided here were developed for the pilot offering during the Spring 2007 semester and one follow-on offering in Fall 2008.

Both of these would look at the Nature of technology?